“Life is not the way it’s supposed to be...it’s the way it is...the way we cope with it is what makes the difference.”

My name is Gert Vorster. I am the proud owner of the first miniature donkeys in South Africa. 

It all began at the beginning of 1998 when I got an e-mail from my son, Werner, who resides in the USA.  He mentioned to me that there are miniature donkeys in America.  At first I could not believe it.  As his Dad and with my superior wisdom, it was my responsibility to inform him that you do not get miniature donkeys and what he had seen were miniature horses, NOT miniature donkeys. His next e-mail came as a big surprise to me. “I saw a sign, Miniature Donkeys for Sale”, was his response.

Nothing could stop me now, and after a few hick-ups and a lengthy importation procedure the first four donks, three jennies and a jack arrived in South Africa. It was a historic day when the four donks (Rocky, Destiny, Olivia and Gina) touched down on South African soil on 30 November 1998. The rest is history now and the donks became my favourite animal by far. They also became celebrities and they were in local and national newspaper, magazines and four times on national TV.

The first and foremost attraction of the Miniature Donkey is their loving personalities. They demand attention and bond very easy with their owner or with other donkeys.  Donkeys are herd animals and one lone donkey is a very lonely donkey.

Because of their laid-back personalities, they make wonderful pets for children, the handicapped and elderly people. They do not kick nor bite. 

The donks are fast learners and one could use them as pack animals for camping or overnight adventures, to ride on or for cart rides, in petting zoos and farm shows, and even for visits to schools and nursing homes. Some people keep them because they are entertaining and a lot of fun.  

I have learned a lot from my wonderful donks, i.e. 

  • If you do not like something, don’t do it.
  • Do not let other people tell you what to do.
  • Follow your instinct, even if it is a less travelled road.
  • Be humble, but no one’s floor mat.
  • Eagles don’t catch flies. 

As I have said before, miniature donkeys are wonderful animals, and I keep mine because it is good for the soul.

I visit old aged homes and venues of differently abled children, for the therapeutic value of the animals. I also take my menagerie to schools, children parties, shows, etc. with the aim to educate and to have fun. 

Life without my donks is like a blunt pencil…it has no point. I am always available for donkey-talk.

Gert (1942 - 2013).