+ Where did Miniature Donkeys originate?

+ Is the Miniature Donkey bred down from larger donkeys?

+ What size are Mini Donkeys?

+ What colours are Miniature Donkeys?

+ What is a Jack?

+ What is a Jenny or Jennet?

+ What is a foal?

+ How long is gestation in a Jennet?

+ How do Donkeys talk?

+ Do Miniature Donkeys do well living alone?

+ What about health care?

+ What do I feed my Miniature Donkey?

+ What about a shelter?

+ Does a Miniature Donkey need a pasture?

+ How old is a Jennet when she is bred?

+ Would a Miniature Donkey make a good pet for my children?

+ What sex should I get for a pet?

+ What is the life expectancy of a Miniature Donkey?

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